A swimming pool alone is enough to make your backyard the focal point of your entire home. But there are so many ways to bring the entertainment and esthetic level of your pool up, and adding a fire feature is just one example.

Whether you’re installing a brand new pool with the help of a local Austin TX swimming pool builder or are revamping an existing pool, here are some reasons to add a fire pit to your pool area.

Fire pits improve esthetics. One of the biggest reasons why homeowners add a fire pit to their pool area is simply because of the fact that it can instantly add to the area’s look. These features are aesthetically-pleasing focal points of pools and are becoming increasingly popular among pool liners. 

Fire pits add a level of ambiance. Sure, fire pits are nice to look at, But they also add a cozy feel to the pool area. 

Fire pits can keep bugs away. Another great thing about fire pits is that they can serve as natural bug repellents. Instead of lighting the entire yard with citronella candles or spraying bug spray all over the place, hanging out in front of your fire can be enough to ward off those pesky insects. 

Fire pits can serve as a cooking area. Take out those marshmallows and weiners! It’s time for a good old-fashioned roast, right from the natural flames of your fire pit. 

Fire pits can warm you up after a night swim. Cold nights aren’t that common in Austin, but they can and do happen. If you enjoy swimming in the evenings, a fire pit can be the perfect way to both warm up and dry off quickly.

If you’re looking to have a fire pit installed as an accent to your pool, be sure to get in touch with your local Austin TX swimming pool builders today!