Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Austin TX Pool Empty For Long

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There should be little reason to have to empty your pool, but there may be some times when it might be necessary. Perhaps your pool is significantly dirty or filled with toxins, or maybe there is a heavy build-up of calcium and staining. Or maybe your pool is in need of major repair that would require all the water to be drained. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s really not a good idea to leave your pool empty for very long. This may sound strange, considering the fact that your pool was empty when it was first installed and before it was originally filled with its first few gallons of water. But the pool was likely filled very soon after your Austin, TX pool builder built it, and the pool likely wasn’t left empty for very long. 

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Swimming Pool Empty

The reason why your swimming pool should not be left empty for very long is because of hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure that comes from stationary water in the ground. 

While your pool has likely been constructed to handle the pressures of the earth and soil, the water in the earth and soil can place more pressure against the sides of the pool than it may be able to handle. 

This water can be from groundwater or from rainwater. Even though rain may run off the soil’s surface, the construction of your pool may loosen the soil, allowing more water to get underneath its surface where hydrostatic pressure can be placed on the sides of the pool.  

Enough water in the pool can help to counteract this water pressure outside of the pool. But a pool can be vulnerable to serious issues, including cracked concrete and damage of the liner.

To help ensure that your pool is properly maintained, enlist the services of your local Austin, TX swimming pool builder today!